Richard Hugo House
May 23–June 27
7:10–9:10 PM




Artist Trust
Centrum, Port Townsend
April 18
4:00–5:00 PM


Seattle Public Library
Capitol Hill Branch
September 13
2:00-4:00 PM



Seattle Central
Community College
Fall 2014 Quarter


The Creative Flash
Flash fiction workshop for all levels.
Think of a moment that left a mark and ask yourself where its teeth are. We’ll examine the particular bite marks of a variety of flash fictions and work on sharpening our own teeth in this condensed and intense prose form. Reading will include Grace Paley, Raymond Carver, Aimee Bender, Donald Barthelme, Miranda July, Etgar Keret, and Yasunari Kawabata.


EDGE Professional Development for Literary Artists
Marketing and Online Presence
A presentation on integrating your writing, professional, and personal lives online. From basics such as setting up social accounts and privacy settings on different social media platforms, to creating a cross-platform identity and website. Part of a week-long intensive training in different aspects of preparing your work and life for a literary career.

Seattle Writes
Shhhhhh.... Symbolism

A scavenger hunt to find symbold and thematic content within your stories. In groups, participants follow a short series of instructions that lead them to a line in a book, a place on a map, or a headline from an old newspaper as the prompt for the writing exercise.

Continuing Education
Speaking of Short Stories
Examining short stories from the The New Yorker Fiction Podcast, students generate new work which is featured online through the course's audio journal