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February 20
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Mule Salon Poetry Tour
Vermillion, Seattle, WA

Manners: A Book Release
The Factory, Seattle, WA

Adventures in Property Management: Chapbook Release
Hugo House, Seattle, WA

Literary Friction: AWP Offsite
Bar Louie, Washington, DC




Till Chapbook Release Party
King Street Station, Seattle, WA

A Slow Dance to Poetry
Vermillion, Seattle, WA

The Furnace Says Goodnight
Hollow Earth Radion, S

Leave a Message at the Beep
Twilight Gallery, Seattle, WA

2013 Jack Straw Writers Reunion
Jack Straw Cultural Center, Seattle, WA

The Untuning of the Sky
The Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle, WA

Way Elsewhere: Words and Music
Vermillion, Seattle, WA

An Evening of Prose Poems
Porchlight, Seattle, WA

Drop Out on Orcas
Mia's Cafe, Orcas Island, WA

Pocket Theater, Seattle, WA



Lit Crawl Seattle – Good Sports
Vermillion, Seattle, WA

Spokanity and Grohls
The Big Dipper, Spokane, WA

H_NGM_N #17 Issue Release Party
Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop, Brooklyn, NY

Beecher's Review and Blue Earth Review AWP Shindig
Minneapolis, MN

Cheap Wine and Poetry
Richard Hugo House, Seattle, WA



The Breadline
Vermillion Art Bar, Seattle, WA

Seattle Fiction Federation
Richard Hugo House, Seattle, WA

A Backyard Leon Affair
Denver, CO

The Furnace Reading Series
Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, WA

Claustrophobia 19: Tower of Poetry Power
Volunteer Park Water Tower, Seattle, WA

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery
Annex Theatre, Seattle, WA

Babel/Salvage Glossophonic Showcase VI
Hollow Earth Radion, Seattle, WA

Smoke Farm, Arlington, WA

Keep This Bag Away From Children
Mellow Pages Library, Brooklyn, NY

Cascadia Poetry Festival
Spring Street Center, Seattle, WA

EDGE Artist Trust 
Elliot Bay Book Company, Seattle, WA

Da'daedal Second Year Anniversary
Vermillion Art Bar, Seattle, WA